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Somos uma empresa especializada no desenvolvimento de soluções integradas de Sistemas de Informação, Business Intelligence, Produtos Mobile, Marketing Interativo e Comunicação Digital baseadas em Tecnologia Web.
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Support APP to Business Process Industrial Sectors and Business

newoxygenSupport APP to Business Process Industrial Sectors and Business

Support APP to Business Process Industrial Sectors and Business

APP Industrial

  • Provision


  • Planning and Logistics


  • Production management


  • Factory Floor


  • Structure Articles


  • Requirements Planning


  • Occupation Management


  • Orders satisfaction


  • Collections production


  • Others

Logistics and Warehouse:

  • Entry and exit of goods by optical reading devices;


  • Ease of Identification and printing coding of products;


  • Simplified storage management


  • Warehouse management through locations (3D idem)


  • Management of stocks and orders


  • Others

Project management:

  • Project Contracts
  • Teams of planning and resources
  • Billing and payment rules
  • Types of services and contracted products
  • Schedule – activity, date and responsible
  • Provided items (Services – hours and rates, and Products)
  • Expenses
  • Invoicing projects, hours and Items and Expenses
  • Budget (Budget) Projects
  • Hours of budget items, expenses
  • Control Values and automatic alerts
  • Project Consumption (Hours, Items, Fees and Expenses)
  • Project Billing (Hours, Items, Fees and Expenses)
  • Real x Predicted (budget)
  • Planning Team
  • Analitics and reporting

Human Resources:

  • Employee Dossier
  • Team Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Task Management
  • Absences Management
  • Expense Management
  • Travel Management
  • Recruitment
  • File repository
  • Receipts Maturity
  • HR Business Intelligence