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Integrated Management Solutions – ERP

newoxygenIntegrated Management Solutions – ERP

Integrated Management Solutions

ERP - Newoxygen

Motivations for the Implementation/Upgrade of an ERP system

  • Optimization of business processes;
  • Increase the efficiency of the organization;
  • Create a single, central database, avoiding duplication and inconsistency of information;
  • Facilitate teamwork by different departments or units;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Reduction and cost control;
  • Reduction of the production time;
  • Flexibility and adaptation to business changes;
  • Improved relationship/customer satisfaction.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of my ERP system?

  • The organization’s management can be based on a single information system that provides the basis for all activities, with the storage of data in a single central database?
  • Allows access to an overview of the organization’s activity?
  • The structure is flexible and can cater for the constant transformation of organizations?
  • Allows to evaluate the overall performance of the company without having to analyze sector by sector?
  • Facilitates standardization of manufacturing processes?
  • Are Manufacturing, Shipping and Sales processes supported by investments in mobility?
  • It allows direct integration with business partners, suppliers/customers?
  • It has all the necessary information to your decision-making?
  • It allows you to control access to information in multiple permission levels?
  • Allow use multiple sources of information?
  • Does your system provides information in real time?
  • Is Your system accessible anytime and anywhere?
  • Integrated financial data
    • General Accounting – chart of accounts updated in real time;
    • Receipts – control of payments made and to be made by customers;
    • Payments – schedule of payments to suppliers;
    • Fixed assets – management of depreciation and other associated costs;
    • Treasury management – monitoring and evaluation of cash flows, financial arrangements and investment risks;
    • Cost control – raw materials cost analysis, manpower, storage and general costs


  • The normalization of the supply chain, including manufacturing processes
    • Production Planning -Generating weekly production plans with a daily schedule;
    • Inventory Management – Inventory levels of control, serial numbers, lots, expiry dates, guarantees;
    • Management of order process – Automating the insertion of specific customer data;
    • Warehouse Management – Maintenance of records of transactions conducted within the premises;
    • Distribution and Delivery – Organization and plan of distribution routes by various criteria and means of transport;
    • Management of Installed Capacity – Optimization of loads by machine/man, customer relationship and satisfaction;
    • Vendas Marketing – Análise de vendas e campanhas orientadas por segmentos;
    • After Sales Service – -management of agreed services and service levels.


The newoxygen helps you and actively participates in the 5 stages of implementation of a management system: Choice, Installation, Implementation, Training and Monitoring.


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