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SAP Business One – The Business Management Solution for SMEs

newoxygenSAP Business One – The Business Management Solution for SMEs

The Business Management Solution for SMEs

sap business one | newoxygenSAP Business One is a single, integrated solution that provides clear visibility across your business and complete control over all aspects of its operations. It allows you to collect all critical business information for immediate access by users and their use in all company processes. SAP Bussine One solution offers everything a company needs to manage your business.


Accounting and Finance • Sales and customer management • Purchasing and operations • Inventory and distribution • Reporting and Analysis

It can be installed in your office or on clould and you can access the entire system through the SAP Business One Mobile APP.

SAP Business One works in both the SAP HANA (Big Data) and Microsoft SQL Server platforms.


Learn more about SAP Business One clicking here or Download the leaflet here

  • Accounting and financial management
    • Streamline and automate financial management with enterprise software that integrates accounting, sales and purchasing data. Prepare to improve margins, reduce errors and boost outlets more profitable decision.


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Close more leads, keep your customers happy and maximize revenues. Our CRM integrated tools support all your sales activities, service and marketing – from campaign management to the location of calls to after-sales service management.


  • Enables inventory management in several warehouses in real time and maintains an affordable production. Our software for small businesses can help you locate and record stock movements, optimize inventory levels, improve delivery times and to make disruptions of stock in something of the past.
  • Learn more about SAP Business One Warehouse and Production Management here


  • Procurement Management
    • Manage procurement effectively in your company with a business application designed for small businesses and midsize companies. Gain support for integrated procurement management, optimize purchasing practices, and control costs.
    • Learn more about SAP Business One Procurement Management here


  • Enable you employees to have answers to their most pressing questions in real time – with a quick and easy access to intuitive business intelligence (BI), analysis and reporting.


  • Integrating Solutions

    • You need to integrate your business processes with other units of your business partners or other applications or services? Explore SAP Business One integration solutions for global organizations and growing. It lets you consolidate, coordinate, and view activities across all business units without manual reconciliation or duplicate data entry, to maximize productivity and minimize errors.
    • Learn More about SAP Business One Integrating Solutions here

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