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Fruticulture Software

newoxygenFruticulture Software

Fruticulture Software

  • Fields Management;
  • Campaign Management;
  • Transformation operations (calibration, packaging, washing, storage and others);
  • Machinery Management, Tools, Services and Expenses;
  • Stocks Control by different categories (warehouse / batch / product / supplier)
  • Technical control and management of the treatments and agronomic; operations of the orchards;
  • Systematic collection of necessary information;
  • Control of the amounts of nutrients (or other factors) supplied to the orchards;
  • Soil Registration, fruit and derivative analyzes for quality control;
  • Determination of results and costs per unit of analysis;
  • Overall Company Results and Reviews
  • Financial management, billing and current accounts of clients and suppliers;
  • Pallet identification labels (and others) according to EAN 128.
  • Legal traceability requirements;
  • Temporary Work management;
  • Integrated software for working on touch screen monitors and portable equipment;

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