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Somos uma empresa especializada no desenvolvimento de soluções integradas de Sistemas de Informação, Business Intelligence, Produtos Mobile, Marketing Interativo e Comunicação Digital baseadas em Tecnologia Web.
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Consulting in Information Systems

newoxygenConsulting in Information Systems

Consulting in Information Systems

Consultadoria Em Sistemas De Informação

The newoxygen focus on vertical expertise of its consultants, most of which certificated and knowledgeable about the specifics of the main sectors of activity, thus providing an added value in process redesign and working as business consultants.

Our activity is supported by consultants with extensive experience, focused in the areas of outsourcing, software development, maintenance, and project implementation.

In a more summarized form can be identified 9 key points for success in the implementation of ERP systems:

  1. Involve the top managers in the implementation process (Commitment);
  2. Manage the process, trying to reduce the resistance of the less informed employees;
  3. Identify key users, which are indispensable in their departments;
  4. Carefully choose the Project Manager. Should be an experienced and respected professional, conveying the idea that ERP is not just a computer program but is rather more a tool to be used in the organization;
  5. Plan and carry out training. Clearly define the role for each during the implementation process, joining efforts and knowledge for the common success;
  6. Make adjustment to the system and organization in order to improve the integration of both and reflect on the best practice companies in the area (BestPractices);
  7. Choosing an appropriate consulting (know-how);
  8. Ensuring Quality (Quality Assurance);
  9. Simplifying in every way: system implementation, defining processes and solution design.

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