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Business Intelligence

newoxygenBusiness Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The newoxygen is positioned within the universe of specialized services in information technology, as a specialist and leader in Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Analytics (BA).

We transform islands of data in high value business information for decision-making from the macro indicators to detailed analysis and analyzed under different perspectives.


With the increasingly competitive market, companies need something that can differentiate from the rest. And that’s where Business Intelligence comes in. Analytical solutions contribute to increased confidence in decision making through the implementation of analysis models that disseminate good practice and raise management standards.

Business Intelligence Newoxygen

Our business intelligence solutions stand out by the efficiency of the tool: one one hand BI solutions do not require a long and complex implementation and on the other hand brings a perception of extremely rapid results. Managers now have at their disposal resources that can be used by themselves, without resorting to IT professionals and result in a rapid return on investment. Areas of expertise:

  • New models for detection of deficiencies and opportunities for improvement


  • Detect cost reduction points


  • Analysis and customer segmentation, processes, transactions or products


  • Discover opportunities to maximize the value of each customer


  • Simulation and competitive analysis


  • Fraud signaling or non-compliance

What is Business Intelligence?

Store information (still relevant) within the company does not add any value to the business. What makes the difference is to use them strategically so that they can help in decision making and business planning. Business Intelligence (BI) is the name given to the process of collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of content that helps the entrepreneur in the making of strategic decisions and planning. Business Intelligence can serve to support a decision, monitor competition, nurture marketing research and any other strategic business need that requires greater technical support and information.

What your business can gain from the Business Intelligence?

  • First, to be ahead of your competitors, you need to have knowledge before them.


  • Secondly, the information must be condensed and analyzed so it can be useful to the decision maker.


  • You have thus the possibility of discovering problems / deficiencies in a timely manner and to identify opportunities in your business.

Why should you work with Business Intelligence in your company?

  • Working with trial and error in your enterprise will certainly waste time and money.


  • Gets to know better your competition, your partners, customers, suppliers. On the other hand identifies within each of its internal processes which and the strong and weaker points.


  • You can anticipate changes in its market and competitive environment in general, which allows take action to circumvent situations more easily.


  • It is the difference between Act and React!

Why should you work with Business Intelligence in your company?

SAP Lumira Newoxygen
  • New technologies like big data, analytics, mobile computing and cloud computing allow to achieve large flows of continuous and detailed data, relatively simply and inexpensively.


  • BI solutions should be intuitive, easy to use and must be transparent and “mix well” on the end user workflow


  • Provide analysis and easy to understand reports and expose clear indicators for each of the business areas